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Consumer Videos

What to expect at your hearing
We have created some videos to help you, your family and the community understand what happens at a Mental Health Review Tribunal (Tribunal) hearing. 
We hope these videos help you know more about the Tribunal and make you feel comfortable before, during and after your hearing.

The videos are translated into the following languages: 
•    Yumplatok – Torres Strait Island 
•    Wik - Munkan

If you would like the videos to be in another language, you may contact the Tribunal's Consumer Engagement Officer at [email protected] or on telephone 07 3338 8305.

Yumplatok - Torres Strait Islands 

Wik - Munkan

The Tribunal considers cultural information to be an essential element of any review for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. The clinical reports required to be prepared by a patient’s treating team ahead of a scheduled review contain provision for information to be included about a person’s cultural background. If a person identifies as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, the treating team (including an Indigenous Mental Health Worker or Cultural Support Worker) should complete that section of the clinical report.

The types of information that may be relevant include:

  • community of origin
  • cultural identity
  • languages spoken
  • cultural and spiritual beliefs
  • family and kinship dynamics
  • grief and loss or sorry business
  • men’s and women’s business
  • cultural strengths.

This information should be included in the cultural information section. Any support available in a patient’s community to help with their recovery may also be included. Information about a patient’s preference not to identify as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person or engage with the available cultural supports may also be provided to the Tribunal.

Information about a person’s cultural beliefs and background can also be included in a self report completed by the patient themselves.

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Health Worker Resources

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Information Sheet – Cultural Information Section 25/3/2019 737.95KB .pdf
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