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Electronic audio recording

Electronic Audio Recording

The Tribunal will commence electronic audio recordings of its hearings from 15 November 2023.  

Our electronic audio recording policy can be found here 

Should you have any queries in relation to this matter, please contact the Tribunal on telephone 07 3338 8315 or at [email protected]


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Consumer Information Sheet - Record of Hearings 9/11/2023 215.46KB .pdf
Information Sheet - Record of Hearings 9/11/2023 231.42KB .pdf
Request for Record of Hearing 9/11/2023 624.74KB .pdf
Kiteworks user guide - for computers 9/11/2023 543.64KB .pdf
Kiteworks user guide - using Android devices 9/11/2023 655.78KB .pdf
Kiteworks user guide - using Apple devices 9/11/2023 1.03MB .pdf