If you require emergency assistance for a life threatening situation, please call 000. For non-urgent health advice, please contact 1300 MH CALL (1300 64 2255). 1300 MH CALL is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will link you to your nearest Queensland Public Mental Health Service

Contacting the Mental Health Review Tribunal

The Mental Health Review Tribunal is committed to operating at a high standard.  To help maintain this high standard we welcome your feedback whether that be positive or negative.  
You may also wish to contact us if you have a question or comment.

What can I provide feedback about?

Decisions made by the Mental Health Review Tribunal in accordance with the Mental Health Act 2016 may not be covered by our complaints process. You may wish to consider other options such as appeals or requesting a statement of reasons if you are unhappy with the Tribunal’s decision.  However, feedback received on the administrative processes relating to these decisions and Tribunal hearings more generally is an important part of continuing to operate at a high standard and we encourage you to provide feedback in relation to those type of matters.
When making a complaint, so that we may assess your complaint and respond appropriately, it is important that you provide sufficient detail.  The information sheet below may assist with this.
If you have an enquiry about your upcoming hearing and need more information, you should call the Hearing Coordinator using the number shown on your notice of hearing.

The Mental Health Review Tribunal values your feedback.  To ensure that we are able to appropriately respond to your feedback please consider the following prompts:

  • What happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • When did it happen?
  • Where did it happen?
  • What would you like to happen in response to this issue?

Contact Us


Collection Notice

When you supply us with your personal information as part of providing us with feedback or lodging a request for access to information, we will use this information to assist us to address your concerns.  The Tribunal may also use information for the purpose of investigating and implementing improvements to Tribunal operations and practices.
We do not disclose your personal information unless we are permitted or required by law.  Please refer to our Privacy statement for further information on how we manage information.

How to submit feedback

You may provide feedback using the online form above.  After you have filled in the form, click on submit and your feedback will be sent through to the Tribunal office.
You may also provide feedback via post, over the phone or via email.

When will I receive a response?

If you have provided a telephone number and your enquiry is of a simple nature, we may be able to assist you within a few days.
If your enquiry is complex, or you have indicated that you would like a written response (by letter or email), we may take longer to get back to you. More complex enquiries often require a written response.

We will respond to you within 28 days if possible. If it is going to take longer to resolve the issues you have raised, we will contact you with an interim response.
We will only engage in discussion or correspondence on issues that are within the scope of the Tribunal’s role. If we are unable to assist you, we will advise you of this.

Our Contact Details


Phone: (07) 3235 9059

1800 006 478 (1800 00 MHRT)


Level 16,
53 Albert Street,
Brisbane QLD 4000


[email protected]

Or send us a message in the form under Contact us


PO Box 15818,
City East Brisbane
QLD 4002

How we manage your feedback

If you contact us using the form on this website, by letter or email your correspondence will be attended to by an appropriate officer in the Tribunal office. We may discuss your concerns internally before a decision is made on the best way to respond.  Further information on the feedback and complaints process may be found in the Feedback and Complaints Policy.

The Tribunal respects the privacy of people providing feedback or contacting us.  Your feedback will be treated confidentially as far as possible and any personal information will be handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.  Further privacy information may be found in our Privacy Statement