Contacting the Mental Health Review Tribunal

If you are an involuntary patient, nominated support person, legal representative or mental health service provider, we may be able to assist you with a specific enquiry. Some of the issues we can help with are:

  • feedback, enquiries or complaints about hearings, Tribunal processes, staff or members
  • decisions made under the Mental Health Act 2016
  • information about recent or scheduled hearings
  • where to find information on our website (if unable to locate through the Search function)
  • information about the Tribunal’s services and resources available to stakeholders.


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Phone: (07) 3235 9059

1800 006 478 (1800 00 MHRT)


Level 16,
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[email protected]

Or send us a message in the form under Contact us


PO Box 15818,
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How we manage your feedback

If you contact us using the form on this website, by letter or email your correspondence will be attended to by an appropriate officer in the Tribunal office. We may discuss your concerns internally before a decision is made on the best way to respond.

If you have an enquiry about your upcoming hearing and need more information, you should call your Hearing Coordinator at the number shown on your hearing notice.

How to submit your feedback

The easiest way to provide feedback to the Tribunal is to complete the form. The form can be used for general feedback, enquiries, or compliments and complaints. After you have filled in the form, click on Submit and your feedback will be sent through to the Tribunal’s office.

You can also phone us, particularly if you consider the matter to be urgent.

Whatever method you choose to contact us, we may still need to investigate the issues you have raised. This can take some time.

When submitting your feedback, you can assist us by:

  • completing your contact details
  • providing as much detail and relevant information as possible
  • telling us clearly what outcome you want
  • keeping us updated on developments that will assist us to assess your feedback
  • delivering your complaint in a non-threatening and non-abusive way.

When will I receive a response?

If you have provided a telephone number and your enquiry is of a simple nature, we may be able to assist you within a few days.

If your enquiry is complex, or you have indicated that you would like a written response (by letter or email), we may take longer to get back to you. More complex enquiries often require a written response.

We will respond to you within 28 days if possible. If it is going to take longer to resolve the issues you have raised, we will contact you with an interim response.

We will only engage in discussion or correspondence on issues that are within the scope of the Tribunal’s role. If we are unable to assist you, we will advise you of this.

Is my feedback confidential?

Your privacy is important to the Tribunal. To the extent appropriate, the feedback you provide to the Tribunal will be kept confidential and your privacy will be maintained. We will keep the information you send us and your contact details on a file.

In some circumstances we may need to contact individuals outside of the Tribunal’s office for information, but only to the extent necessary to resolve the issues you have raised. This may include contacting a member of the Tribunal, staff at an Authorised Mental Health Service, your nominated support person or your legal representative.

There are some circumstances where the Tribunal may have an obligation to report the information you have provided to another agency.

Generally, if we think your concerns could be addressed by another agency we will tell you that. You can then contact that agency directly.


How will your complaint be handled?

How your complaint will be handled will depend on the nature of your complaint. The Tribunal is only able to assist you with complaints that results to matters within the scope of the Tribunal’s jurisdiction. If the Tribunal cannot assist, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

The Tribunal will do its best to resolve your complaints as soon as possible.

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement