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Our Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values

Our Vision

To operate a Tribunal that produces fair and just outcomes for those receiving involuntary treatment for mental illness or intellectual disability and the community.

Our Mission

To be seen as a Tribunal that:

  • is responsive to the changes in legislation brought about by the Mental Health Act 2016 (Qld).
  • the community views as independent, fair and impartial.
  • recognises the importance of protecting the rights and dignity of persons receiving mental health treatment and care in Queensland.
  • acknowledges and applies the principles contained in the Mental Health Act 2016 regarding victims of unlawful acts.
  • protects the community from unacceptable risk and serious risk of harm.

Our Purpose

The Mental Health Review Tribunal is an independent body continued under the Mental Health Act 2016 (Qld) whose primary purpose is to review the involuntary status of persons with mental illnesses and/or intellectual disability. The Tribunal is charged by the Act to:

  • observe natural justice and provide quick, fair, informal and private hearings.
  • ensure the provisions under the Act are appropriately applied and that reviews and applications are heard within statutory timeframes.
  • encourage and respect the participation of involuntary persons and their representatives in proceedings before the Tribunal.
  • balance the right of a person to receive treatment and care, in ways that enhance his/her quality of life and are least restrictive, whilst ensuring community safety through appropriate consideration and management of risk.
  • acknowledge the principles set out in the Act for consideration of victims of unlawful acts.

Our Values


Managing relationships with stakeholders and the community in ways that promote the Tribunal’s fairness, impartiality and independence.


consistent, transparent and accountable processes and decisions.


contributing to the professional development of our Tribunal members and staff and to the body of knowledge that informs Tribunal best practice.


working creatively to deliver quality services and promote a culture of excellence.

Strategic Plan

The Tribunal’s Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021 can be found here.