The Tribunal’s jurisdiction encompasses reviews, applications and appeals.

The Tribunal reviews:

Treatment Authorities

A Treatment Authority authorises the treatment and care of a person for a mental illness without the person’s consent. More information

Forensic Orders

Forensic Orders are made primarily by the Mental Health Court for persons charges with a serious offence who are found to be of unsound mind at the time of an alleged offence or unfit for trial. A Forensic Order authorises a treatment and care without a person’s consent. More information.

Treatment Support Orders

Treatment Support Orders are made by the Mental Health Court and the Mental Health Review Tribunal for persons charged with a serious offence. They involve less oversight than Forensic Orders. More information.

The Tribunal hears applications:

Examination Authorities

Examination Authorities authorise a doctor or authorised mental health practitioner to enter premises to detain and involuntary examine a person to device if a recommendation for assessment should be made for the person. More information.

Regulated Treatments

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and non-ablative neurosurgical procedures (such as deep brain stimulation procedures) are the two types of treatments regulated by the Mental Health Act 2016. More information.

The Tribunal hears appeals against:

  • Particular decisions of the Chief Psychiatrist in relation to Information Notices
  • The decisions of Administrators to refuse to allow a person to visit a patient in an authorised mental health service