Our Mission

To protect the rights and dignity of all people in Queensland who receive compulsory mental health treatment under the law.

Our Vision

A Queensland in which people with mental illness who receive compulsory treatment are confident their voice will be heard and their rights protected by a Tribunal that encourages their participation in decisions about their future.

A Tribunal that is acknowledged by consumers, stakeholders and the wider community to be an independent, fair and impartial body respecting the dignity and rights of people with mental illness receiving compulsory treatment.

A body of staff and members embracing a philosophy of best practice, skills development and continuous learning to provide quality service to people with mental illness who receive compulsory treatment.

Our Purpose

The Mental Health Review Tribunal is established under the Mental Health Act 2000 as the statuatory safeguard for the rights of patients receiving involuntary treatment for mental illness. The Tribunal is charged by the Act to:

  • observe natural justice and provide independent, timely, fair, informal and private review hearings
  • ensure the involuntary treatment provisions under the Act are appropriately applied and that patients are reviewed within statutory timeframes
  • balance the right of the patient to receive treatment — in ways that enhance his/her quality of life and is least restrictive of rights and liberty — with community safety by ensuring appropriate consideration and management of unacceptable risk
  • encourage and respect the participation of involuntary patients and their representatives in proceedings before the Tribunal
  • acknowledge cultural diversity

To fulfil its role the Tribunal:

  • recruits and maintains qualified, experienced and trained Tribunal members and staff engaged in a continuous process of skills development
  • implements quality systems and processes to maintain standards, values, code of conduct and service to all stakeholders
  • maintains a strong focus on customer service in meeting the needs and protecting the rights of people with mental illness who come before the Tribunal
  • provides all necessary advice, resources and support to stakeholders and service providers

Our Values

Managing relationships with stakeholders and the community in ways that promote the Tribunal’s fairness, impartiality and independence.

Consumer focus
Doing everything possible to meet and exceed consumer needs.

Consistent, transparent, and accountable processes and decisions.

Contributing to the professional development of our Tribunal members and staff and to the body of knowledge that informs Tribunal best practice.

Working creatively to deliver quality services and promote a culture of excellence.

our mission, our vision, our purpose, our values