Tribunal Office Team

The Mental Health Act 2000 provides for an Executive Officer and other administrative staff to assist the Tribunal in exercising its functions.

  • The President is a full-time member of the Tribunal appointed by the Governor-in-Council for a term of up to 5 years. The President provides leadership and direction to members and staff. It is the President’s responsibility to ensure that the Tribunal’s business is conducted in an efficient and effective manner in accordance with the requirements and spirit of the Act.
  • The Executive Officer supports the President in fulfilling his statutory role and is accountable for the management, leadership and direction of staff as well as statewide strategic planning and development to enhance the quality and effectiveness of Tribunal operations.
  • The Executive Support Officer and an Administration Officer assist the President, Executive Officer and other senior staff by providing a range of administrative support. This includes coordination of meetings; correspondence and records management; reception and secretarial support.

The Client Services team undertakes the client-related activities of the organisation including coordination of hearings, consumer consultation, complaints management, building public and stakeholder awareness of the Tribunal, and developing appropriate responses to cultural diversity.  The team is responsible for ensuring that the Tribunal upholds the principles of the Mental Health Act 2000 and protects patient rights.

  • The Legal Officer provides advice on legal issues, policy and practice to the President, Tribunal members and staff of the Tribunal and manages a number of statutory processes under the Mental Health Act 2000, the Right to Information Act 2009, the Judicial Review Act 1991.
  • The Senior Administration Officer supports the administrative functions of the Hearings and Client Services Team. The position is responsible for tasks associated with administration of the Mental Health Act 2000 including processing new Forensic Orders, requests for statements of reasons and appeals to the Mental Health Court, and requests to observe a hearing.
  • The Senior Hearings Coordinator is responsible for the day to day management and support of Hearings Coordinators and Hearings Support Officers, including the administrative tasks associated with the operational and quality management of hearings coordination.
  • Hearing Coordinators are responsible for managing all statutory reviews and applications under the Mental Health Act 2000. This includes the scheduling of hearings, maintaining patient files and the Tribunal register, liaising with various parties, and ensuring the documentation requirements of members are met.
  • Hearing Support Officers provide support to the Hearing Coordinators by registering notifications and applications, liaising with parties, coordinating the availability of material for hearings, preparation of documents, and distributing decisions.

The Corporate Services Team is responsible for maintaining the administration and office environment for the Mental Health Review Tribunal, incorporating building services and financial, human resource and information management.

  • The Corporate and Learning Manager supports the President and Tribunal in financial and human resource management; records, I.C.T and information management; strategic planning, quality improvement practices; learning & development, administration and resource management; and other planning / process development in accordance with government and statutory requirements.
  • The Senior Information Systems Officer and an Information Systems Officer are responsible for the development and maintenance of all information systems that support the effective functioning of the Mental Health Review Tribunal. This includes the maintenance of a computer network for staff; ensuring that the patient information system meets the changing needs of the Tribunal; developing IT solutions and implementing IT strategic plans to promote the independent functioning of the Tribunal; and coordinating the IT skill development of staff and members.
  • The Business Support Officer and Administration Officer provide payroll, accounts processing, purchasing, records management, travel management and contribute to the quality management system.
  • The Multimedia Officer plans and manages the design, development and implementation of multimedia products that meet the information needs of Mental Health Review Tribunal consumers.The position also undertakes design and continuous improvement of the MHRT website.
MHRT Organisational Structure

MHRT Organisational Structure