The following brochures are designed to be concise references for your convenience. They discuss the Tribunal’s primary functions and other topics that may be of interest.

brochures, A Guide to Confidentiality Orders, A Brief Guide to the MHRT, A Guide to Allied Persons and the Tribunal, A Guide to Electroconvulsive Therapy Applications, A Guide to Family and Friends At Your Tribunal Hearing, A Guide to Forensic Information Orders, A Guide to Forensic Order Disability Reviews, A Guide to Forensic Order Reviews, A Guide to Giving Information to the Tribunal, A Guide to Involuntary Treatment Order Reviews, A Guide to Observers at Tribunal Hearings, A Guide to the Rights of Patients Attending a Tribunal Hearing, How was your Tribunal Hearing, If You Are Not Coming To Your Hearing, What is the Mental Health Review Tribunal? (Indigenous)

AMHS Brochures

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